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Traditional Advertising and PR

Traditional Advertising

There are ad agencies who will present you the most beautifully photographed ad or dreamy video, as well as those who attempt to sell themselves and their services with lovingly crafted ambiguous prose … but not here. AdZilla knows the client’s number one expectation is “more.” More clicks, more customers, more sales, more brand awareness. So that is what we provide.

AdZilla believes that successful advertising has a simple formula: target as many potential customers as inexpensively and cost-effectively as possible, with a message that moves them to purchase your service or product.

While we believe that online advertising done properly is now a vital part of any campaign, we also believe that incorporating “traditional” advertising into the marketing mix helps achieve those goals.


Television Still the most influential medium in America. There’s simply no greater branding avenue out there.

Print There’s just something about picking up a glossy magazine and flipping through the pages. Same with a newspaper. It may be old school, but they both still reach a lot of people in certain demographics.

Direct Mail An excellent, cost-effective way to target very specific audiences.

Radio Radio is the least demanding medium. It doesn’t ask you to watch, read, or even think. It just allows you to feel and react. With radio, your potential customers are relaxed, receptive, and responsive.

Billboards/Outdoor A picture is worth a thousand words, and a well-placed outdoor ad is worth much more than that for your business.

Corporate Marketing
Logo Design
Package Design
Business Cards
Point of Purchase Displays
Promotional Material

Public Relations

“Public relations” and all that phrase entails is a vital part of any business plan, marketing strategy, or advertising campaign. For some reason, it’s overlooked by many agencies … but not AdZilla. We know the importance of good PR. Speeches and press releases can tell you a lot about a company and its leadership and we know how to make sure your company always has its best foot forward.

Our services include

  • Press Releases
  • Value-added content: blog content, white papers, case studies, etc.
  • Media Relations
  • Speech writing & speech delivery consulting
  • Press Conferences
  • Crisis/Reputation Management
  • Media training

A Success Story

In the not too distant past, youth sports in Ruston were played at small, antiquated facilities – soccer and football teams played on the grounds of an old airport. But in 2010, a group of parents, youth sports leaders, and civic-minded residents came together and decided that our children deserved better. They joined forces – determined to find a solution.

In the months that followed, they traveled to more than a dozen cities in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas to see the sports facilities those communities had built and how they had been financed.


Thanks to the unceasing efforts of Steve Giddings, Al Brasuell, and others, the Ruston Sports Complex is now a reality ­– more than 185 acres with 36 baseball fields, a 6-acre stocked lake, nine tennis courts, walking trails, playgrounds and more. Phase 2 will add indoor basketball and volleyball courts, a water park, a lazy river, and four 4,000-square-feet meeting rooms.

And even better: This state of the art facility is forecasted to bring in more than $1 billion – more than paying for itself.

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